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Purple Kush

Purple Kush

100% Inidica
Breeder: Coffeeshop SR-71
Origins: Hindu Kush x Purple Afghani
Indoor Clone Grow Time: 5-9 Days
Indoor Flowering: 50-60 Days
Harvest: Early October

This pure indica medicinal strain comes from California. In that state's medical community she is considered an "elite clone", meaning that she is only available as a cutting. Not to worry if you are a medical merijuana patient in California - this strain can be found at various despensaries throughout the state. Purple Kush is especially popular at the SR-71 dispensary in "Oaksterdam", the section of downtown Oakland that tolerates medical marijuana providers. Patients there praise this Purple Kush's deep body stone as a treatment for pain and depression.

This lady forms a short squat bush with very dense intermodes and huge fan leaves, staying in the 2-3 foot height range indoors. With topping or pinching she will be at least as wide as she is tall. Purple Kush's foliage exhibits a classic indica growth pattern: a sturdy bush with dark green hues and hints of purple toward ripeness.

Purple Kush is versatile, performing well for both indoor and outdoor growers. She does very well in a screen of green (SCROG) setup. Purple Kush buds form tight chunky nuggets with hints of purple in the tips of the calyxes, as well as the soft pine bouquet and a sweet, grapey taste on an earthy foundation. her very frosty veneer of glands will please both the connoisseur of indica potency and the hashish fan. The Purple Kush high is strong, deep stone delivers when it comes to treating chronic pains and inflamations, among other conditions.

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